The story behind the site
Five years ago, I received a job offer to teach IB Psychology in a well-known international school in Bangkok, Thailand.  I had never taught Psychology before, let alone IB Psychology!  Would I be a good Psychology teacher?  What was a good Psychology lesson even supposed to look like?

Over the summer holidays, I researched every IB Psychology resource I could find.  There were a couple of good textbooks out, and a few websites with extensive study notes, but most of the resources I found focused on what to teach, rather than how to be a great Psychology teacher.

So, over the next five years, I devoted hundreds of hours to create engaging and meaningful lesson activities from scratch.  Some of my teaching ideas were instant hits, while others needed a bit of tweaking.  But, after years of experimentation, I realized that I had compiled a toolkit of ideas, lesson plans and activities for IB Psychology that work.

So why share it with the world?  Simply put, because I know there are a lot of new Psychology teachers out there who could benefit from a few effective teaching ideas, and even more students who could use this website to revise & enrich their understanding of Psychology.  Creating this website has been hard work, but it has truly been a labour of love.

I hope that you find the resources on this site useful.  Most of us who study Psychology do so because we want to have some positive impact on those around us. IB Psychology is a great course, and it matters.  I hope you find this journey as rewarding as I have.

Warm regards,

Dan Barazani

Teacher of  Psychology