How to Use this Site

This website is designed to be your companion to the IB Psychology course.  Using this website will help reinforce, deepen and extend what you have learned in your regular Psychology classes.  Moreover, this website will serve as an excellent resource once it comes time to study for your final exams.

How to make the most of this website?  A few simple tips:

  • Take notes.  Doing so will help you process the material, organize your learning and help prepare you for assessments.

  • Do the activities!  Every topic includes activities for you to do.  These activities are designed to help you really grasp Psychology, not just memorize a bunch of facts.  But they only work if you actually do them!  Just reading about the activities won't work.

  • Make it part of your routine.  Be sure to bookmark this site, and set aside a regular time each week to go through the content.  A great idea is to study the Psychology topic on this website alongside your regular in-school Psychology lessons.  So, if your teacher has just taught you about Neuroplasticity, then come have a look at this website's resources on that topic.

Here is a key to making the most of the resources featured on this website:
Try it Out
Try it out activities are meant to be done!  They are thinking exercises intended to engage your mind with Psychology.  Just like a physical workout, they will work your brain and make those neurons fire.  So don't just read them - do them!  Your future self will thank you.

Exam Tip
When you see this icon, make a mental (or written) note on how to best prepare yourself for an exam question on this topic.  What are the key knowledge points and critical thinking skills you should be able to demonstrate?  These timely reminders will help you figure it all out.
Video Activity
What better way to learn about human behavior than seeing it in action?  These video activities are meant to reinforce Psychology topics with vivid examples.  But its not enough to just to watch the video  - be sure to complete the corresponding activity to really get the most out of the topic.
IB Psych Matters
As you no doubt know by now, Psychology is not just knowledge for the sake of knowledge.  Its knowledge that can be used to change people's lives.  These activities will revolve around applying the insights Psychology to make a difference in the real world. 
Think Critically
Don't accept everything at face value.  Within the field of Psychology, debate continues to rage around many hot issues.  Whenever there is controversy, try to put aside your own biases and take a cold, hard look at the evidence.  These activities will invite you to consider opposing viewpoints, consider possible flaws in the research, and sharpen your critical thinking skills.
TOK Link
Psychology is still a young Science, and has always grappled with important epistemological questions - what's the best way to study the mind?  What kind of research is useful?  TOK Links will involve a critical examination of how knowledge is produced in the field of Psychology.

At the end of every topic, a Checklist provides a useful summary of the key concepts, knowledge and research studies you should now be familiary with.  This a great oppurtunity to look over your notes and make sure that there are no gaps in your knowledge.
Quiz Yourself!
Finally, once you think you've got it all sorted, the end of topic Quiz will put your knowledge and understanding to the test.  These quizzes involve simple, fun multiple choice questions to help you assess your own mastery of the topic.  Read the questions carefully, learn from your mistakes, and you'll be well on your way to excelling in IB Psychology.