Study IB Psychology Online

Interested in IB Psychology, but your school doesn't offer the subject?  Thanks to a company called Pamoja , it is now possible to study IB Psychology (as well as many other IB subjects) online.  At the moment, Pamoja is the only IB-approved online course provider, and it offers a great service to students who would otherwise be unable to study IB Psychology.  On the other hand, studying online can be tough at times, and isn't the right choice for everyone.  I've been teaching Psychology for Pamoja (in addition to my regular day job) for the past two years, and I'm here to give you an idea of what to expect.  This article is not sponsored in any way by Pamoja, so will be an honest look at the benefits and challenges of online education.
What to Expect with Pamoja
When you study IB Psychology with Pamoja, you'll have tasks to complete each week.  These tasks will typically involve some of the following:  watching a video online, participating in a Discussion board, completing an online quiz, collaborating on a group project, or watching an online seminar, just to give a few examples.  Then, you'll submit a weekly assignment - most often, either a Short Answer Question or an Essay. 

The Pamoja online interface is simple, crisp and clear.  You can easily keep track of assignments, deadlines, course materials, and discussions.  Don't expect exciting, eye popping lessons, but do expect straightforward, clear tasks that will guide you, week by week, through IB Psychology.  Each online "class" will have around 15-25 students, and you will have your own experienced, Pamoja instructor, who will grade your assignments and answer your questions.  However, most of your communication with other students and your instructor will be written, without the same kind of "face to face" interaction that you will have in a traditional school setting.

Is Pamoja right for me?

If you are really interested in Psychology, and are good at keeping up with your work, then studying through Pamoja can be a great decision.  You'll have the chance to study a subject you are really passionate about, and develop a strong foundation of Psychology for your future studies and career.  Furthermore, studying online offers incredible flexibility.  You can literally study anywhere, anytime.  Whether you'd prefer to study late at night at a local cafe, or early in the morning in your pajamas, with Pamoja the freedom is yours.

On the other hand, some people do struggle with online education, and it isn't for everyone.  Although you can always e-mail your instructor, some people really miss having a teacher they can drop in to have a chat with after school.  Keeping up with online deadlines can be challenging, especially when you have a Chemistry IA and English Orals happening that same week.  You need to make sure that you are giving your online course the same time and importance as your school-based courses.  Finally, although you'll be working with online classmates from around the world, it still isn't quite the same as the in-person interaction you would get with other students in a regular classroom. 

So is online Psychology the right choice?  Only you can answer that, but here's a short quiz to help you out:

1.  I like the flexibility to study on my own schedule.                                                                       TRUE          FALSE

2.  I'm good at sticking to deadlines and goals that I set for myself.                                             TRUE          FALSE

3.  I like learning independently, and don't need to rely on others to learn.                               TRUE          FALSE

4.  I'm an organized person, and can balance my time well across subjects.                              TRUE          FALSE

5.  I really want to study IB Psychology, and am sure its the right course for me.                     TRUE          FALSE

If you scored mainly TRUE in the quiz above, then go ahead and sign up for Psychology with Pamoja!  If not, you may want to think twice about whether online education is right for you.  For more information, click on the icon below to visit the Pamoja website, or take a look at the video for an overview of what Pamoja has to offer.